DSLR Photography Course 1L (Beginners) By Rene Rossignaud.

Introduction to DSLR Photography is a part time evening course by Rene Rossignaud. Classes are held 1 evening per week for 5 weeks.  Classes run between 7:00pm - 9:00pm at our professional photographic studio, and also outdoors.  In this program participants will be introduced to the physical equipment used in DSLR photography, how to operate their camera system manually and explore the benefits of their investment in a digital SLR camera. Participants will undertake lessons in lens focal length and characteristics, exposure techniques, ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed, camera functions, and menu’s. The participant will be introduced to natural light, its characteristics and how light is used in combination with their camera, lenses and recording systems to create well exposed and sharp images.
Course 1 is essential for beginners and ideal for participants wanting to learn about their cameras and the introduction of photography.

Content Course 1L  (10 hour  session approx)

Week One: Introducing the camera both Film and Digital, functions, Aperture and Shutter Speed , menu, exposure and how the camera works , ISO. (Wednesday 23rd Sept 7-9pm)

Week Two:  Lenses and Lens characteristics, depth of field , White Balance and Color Temperature , Metering techniques, shooting in Manual. (Wednesday 30th Sept 7-9pm)

Week Three: PM Outdoor Shooting guided experience (Shoot and learn) (Wednesday 7th Oct 7-9pm)

Week Four: PM Outdoor Shooting guided experience (Shoot and learn) (Wednesday 14th Oct 7-9pm)

Week Five. AM-Outdoor Shooting guided experience (Shoot and learn) (Sunday 18th Oct 10-11.30am)

Price €175 per person

Terms & Conditions

The Course will be limited to a small number of students due to space limitations, and will be held at Gardenia Court, Flat 11A, Sqaq Il Hofra, Gharghur, those who book will receive a map closer to the date. The course may be canceled if less than 10 people apply for the class. To attend you will need to own an SLR camera and if possible a tripod.

Payment is to be made in cash on Class 1

Course Bookings

To book your space, kindly contact:

Rene Rossignaud

Email: info@rossignaud.com
Website www.rossignaud.com 
Phone: +356 79996666