Optical Masterpieces

Capture the world in sharp focus with NIKKOR

For more than 80 years, elite craftsmen have pursued optical perfection in the creation of NIKKOR lenses. A lens bearing the NIKKOR name is a sign of the greatest attention to detail in every aspect. Each one is an optical masterpiece.

Over 80 years of excellence

Throughout every era of imaging, NIKKOR's commitment to integrity, reliability and craftsmanship has been a constant in the changing world of photography.

Leading-edge technology

NIKKOR lenses are crafted with the world's most advanced optical technologies, to push the potential of lens performance to even greater heights.

The professional choice

The world's leading professional photographers choose NIKKOR lenses for their superior performance and exceptional reliability when it counts most - out in the field.

Understanding your lens



Aperture is the opening in a lens through which light passes to the camera's sensor. Aperture varies from shot to shot, depending on the amount of available light. Lenses are often identified by maximum aperture, which is the widest amount they will open. Maximum aperture is printed on the barrel of NIKKOR lenses in numbers called f/stops.

A lower f/stop means

  • Larger lens opening
  • Shallower depth of field
  • Blurrier background

A higher f/stop means

  • Smaller lens opening
  • Greater depth of field
  • Sharper background
18 mm
35 mm
70 mm
130 mm
300 mm

Focal length

Usually represented in millimetres (mm), focal length determines how much of the scene will be captured (lens angle of view) and how large the individual elements will be (magnification). With a longer focal length, the angle of view will be narrower and the magnification higher. With a shorter the focal length, the angle of view will be wider and the magnification lower. Focal length range is marked on the barrel of NIKKOR lenses.

Over 80 years of NIKKOR

It all started with a single lens. The rest is history.


Lens Technology

Take a look behind the scenes to see how world-class NIKKOR lenses are developed and created.